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Spring/Summer 2023

Atitlán Style is a new brand of apparel with fabrics woven by Mayan women who live in the lush volcanic highlands of Lake Atitlan, Guatemala. The handmade textiles are made from blends of cotton, silk and tender bamboo fibers. These light textures are perfect for warm weather and beach life. All the colors come from plants and they are made color-fast by dipping them in hot banana tree sap, before the final washing. About 20 years ago, women formed cooperatives to better organize their work and fairly share the benefits. From harvesting the cotton and fibers, through dyeing and weaving and tailoring, these clothes come from a millennia of tradition.

AW Collection

A/S Collections


Marina Shal.

Sustainable and Chic: Atitlán Style's Handwoven Clothing from Volcanic Highlands

Rose Top & Pants.

Step into Summer with Atitlán Style's Lightweight, Eco-Friendly Apparel


Ana Dress.

Experience the Beauty of Atitlán Style's Colorful, Plant-Dyed Textiles

Sunrise to Sunset 

Perfect Beach Hats

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